Cheat Codes For Destroy All Humans – Cheat Codes for Destroy all Humans 2 ps4

Cheat codes for Destroy All Humans are available. These codes are used to speed up gameplay, increase scores, and give players an advantage over other players. Using cheats also allows players to get more ammo and weapon upgrades.

Some of the cheats in Destroy All Humans allow players to enter Gravity Mode, God Mode, Lunar Gravity Mode, X-Ray Vision, and more. These features allow players to manipulate the environment and weapons. Some of these cheats can also allow players to test weapons and weapon upgrades.

There are also cheats that allow players to take the form of a human. This allows players to kill humans faster and can also help them get the attention of other humans. Taking the form of the mayor of the city can also help players avoid the chaos that usually occurs in the game.

Cheat Codes for Destroy all Humans 2 ps4


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There are also cheats that allow Crypto to get useful DNA from people. This allows the Crypto to transmogrify, hypnotize, and even do Psycho-kinesis. This cheat can be used to manipulate people, cause suspicion, and get the attention of other humans.

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You can also use a cheat to disable all wanted levels in Crypto. This can prevent the game from being chaotic and also prevent enemies from chasing you. This will also reset the alert level to the default.

Cheats can also help you get higher scores, get items, and unlock special features. This is particularly useful if you want to get the best weapon possible quickly.

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Cheat Codes For Destroy