Did Dream Cheat On His Speedrun –did dream really cheat 2023

Did Dream Cheat On His Speedrun 2023
Recently, I was accused of cheating during a few of my sdid dream cheat in minecraft speedrun. This accusation comes with some mathematical backing, and that’s what makes the accusation more serious than a willy nilly random one.

A curious viewer who noticed that my pearl luck seemed to be crazy high, decided to go through and count my pearl barters along with how many barters I did. This user posted the stats on twitter, pointing out how crazy it was, but without any accusations of cheating at the time. Some users in the speedrun discord, then reasonably decided to calculate the odds of such luck occurring. The initial calculations were around 1 in 1 billion. Obviously this is a statistically significant number, and the mods and others started to look into it.

Did Dream Cheat On His Speedrun 2023

did dreamhack his speedrun

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Now, due to the fact that I am not a statistics major and I am by no means an expert at mathematics, this makes it a little harder for me to defend myself. From my standpoint, I didn’t cheat, and there must be an explanation for why either the data is incorrect, or the situation happened in the first place.

Now again, because of the fact that I’m not amazing at statistics, more of this will be related to the non-statistics side of things than the statistics side of things. Although, I will go over both. Sections will be split with large titles. I’m going to start with the non statistics side of things, and end with the statistics.

The Why

The why​ is a question that I’m sure is usually much easier to answer than any of the other questions, but in this case it isn’t. I’m a popular Youtuber, who actually gets less views by streaming and uploading speedruns. On my Youtube, I get 9,766,666 views on average on my speedrun videos, and I get 21,528,571 average views on my non-speedrun videos in a similar time frame. This is less than half as many views on average. On my speed running streams, I get around 60,000 to 80,000 live concurrent viewers. On normal streams, I get around 130,000 live concurrent viewers. Again, much less.

Did Dream Cheat On