Holiday Island Cheat –2023

Holiday Island Cheat 2023

Holiday Island Cheat 2023
Press Shift+O to open console.

Numbers at the end are values that you can change to anything you want.
(note that going over maximum values may or may not lead to issues with the game)

Player stat cheats:

player.looks = 5
player.charm = 5
Holiday Island Cheat
player.strength = 10
player.hacking = 5
#maximum endurance
player.endurance_max = 100
#current endurance
player.endurance = 100
#current lust
player.lust = 0
#company favor
Holiday Island Cheat
player.company_favor = 500

Girl stat cheats:

Replace “girl name” with girl’s name, duh.

#maximum affection
girl name.rsm[0].affection_max = 100
#current affection
girl name.rsm[0].affection = 100
#maximum love

Holiday Island Cheat 2023


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girl name.rsm[0].love_max = 100
Holiday Island CheatHoliday Island Cheat
#current love
girl name.rsm[0].love = 100
girl name.rsm[0].favor = 100

girl name.lust = 100
girl name.rsm[0].anger = 0

Also possible to change endurance and strength, but these have no known effects on gameplay.
Holiday Island Cheat

Poker game cheats:

#girl’s chips
g_poker_game.participants[1] = 0
#player’s chips
g_poket_game.participants[0] = 500

Inventory cheats:

player.add_item(“item name”, quantity)
change “item name” to items name, but keep the quotation marks.
change “quantity” to any number.

#blue pill
player.add_item(“blue pill”, 1)
#green pill
player.add_item(“green pill”, 1)
#vials for implants data
player.add_item(“sperm(eh) vial”, 1)
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Holiday Island Cheat

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Holiday Island Cheat –2023