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Planet Zoo Cheat Engine 2023
I want to love this game. I really do. But unfortunately, there are core mechanics broken. Right now, it’s playing as a rough beta. I’ll get into the specifics of that later.I have an 8 core 4.0 GHz CPU and a couple GTX1080’s and 64 gigs of DDR4. This game can bring my system to a crawl. That’s pretty impressive considering the graphics are not really noteworthy.

Building can be a pain, but it can also be a pleasure. It’s hit or miss. Designing pathways, on the other hand, is a serious chore. Simple path placement fails often with the ambiguous “terrain failed to transform” error, so you have to figure out why it’s failing and how to fix it. It’s nothing like fun.

Money management is brutally difficult. I prefer a more casual game. As of the time of this writing, you have to make a serious effort to make profit with large zoos and then I’m convinced it’s mostly luck. There’s discussion and some agreement on /r/planet zoo cheat names,

Education is an area that someone demanded be included in the game yet received absolutely no attention after hashing out the code to see a proof of concept. It is never fully explained in the tutorial. As far as I can tell, there are three tools for increasing education available. Yet, despite having an abundance of these placed generously all over my park, it seems to make absolutely no difference. It is yet another broken mechanic and somewhat game breaking.

Planet Zoo Cheat Engine – 2023

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Literally all they have to do to get unstuck or unlost is to….take a step forward and repeat. It’s so bad right now, the only way to play is to dust off cheat engine and hack in millions of dollars. The guests are so uneducated and so angry about being stuck their entire visit that I have to refund 100% of my ticket sales. Combine this broken element with the brutal money management, and really you have no chance.

Utility management (power and water in the style of SimCity/Cities: Skyline) makes little to no sense in this game. It adds no value but does kill the fun and joy of building a zoo and managing animals. This is a prime candidate for addition by subtraction. Not only is it outside the scope of the sim, the guests will bitch if they can see the infrastructure, which is mind numbingly dull.

The game itself is not worth the asking price in its current state. Combine that with DLC that adds little content and is overpriced, Frontier is finding themselves closer to EA rather than a company that make brilliant games. It’s impossible to not compare this to Planet Coaster.

I have 100’s of hours and all achievements for that game. I am a big fan. I sort of expected Planet Zoo to be Planet Coasters: But With Animals. It isn’t. It’s a watered down version of Planet Coaster, as if they forked the two games 3 months into development. The Planet Coaster team did brilliant work and the Planet Zoo team was the B talent. (I realize yeah, it’s probably the same team, but this is what it feels like).

Over all, very disappointing. I don’t see the price and the nickle and diming DLC changing, but the rest of this stuff can be fixed with patches. This review was based on patch 1.1.1 which I’d say there are enough people reporting similar issues that this was a game breaking patch.

I did not play the game previous to 1.1.1). It’s early days still for the game, but it wasn’t ready for release. It plays as a beta: unoptimized, several broken mechanics, several features that feel unrefined and awkward. Again, all these things can be fixed, but for the price, I expect a finished product, not a beta. It’s basically a slightly better version of RollerCoaster Tycoon World.

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Planet Zoo Cheat Engine