Ryujinx Cheat Engine – Ryujinx Cheat Engine App 2023

Ryujinx Cheat Engine 2023
Required Files
– Ryujinx LND2.3 Build: https://www.patreon.com/posts/introducing-ldn2-45268370 (there’s a download in there, no you don’t have to pay)
– Switch firmware: https://darthsternie.net/switch-firmwares/
– Prod.keys file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nnu7b5c8otud5j0/Switch_Shared_Data.zip/file
– MHGU base game and 1.4 update: https://www.ziperto.com/monster-hunter-generations-ultimate-switch/
– 2K (Handheld) / 4K (Docked) + 60 FPS Mods https://github.com/theboy181/switch-ptchtxt-mods/tree/main/MONSTER%20HUNTER%20GENERATIONS%20ULTIMATE/%5B0100770008DD8000%5D/1.4.0

 Alternative files:
– Cheat Engine: https://www.cheatengine.org/downloads.php (note that there have been reported issues with version 7.2)
– 60FPS Cheat Table: https://www.mediafire.com/file/59ypoq0uoitagkq/MHGU60FPSv6.CT/file (can also edit shouts for in-game chat)
– MHGU blank save file: https://www.mediafire.com/file/g6p44jtgska0jiu/Blank_All_Events_Unlocked.rar/file (for DLC quests)
– Citra: https://citra-emu.org/download/ (needed only to remove Jap DLC quests from a 3ds save, if you have any)

Ryujinx Cheat Engine
– Empty 3DS Save: https://www.mediafire.com/file/7afu816il3dtfl8/Empty_3DS_Save.7z/file (only for converting an existing MHXX save to switch ver.)
– MHGU save file editor: https://gbatemp.net/attachments/mhgusaveeditor-rar.140449/
– Ryujinx Main: https://ryujinx.org/download/ (if you want the main build for whatever reason, not reccomended as some Experimental shit on LND2.3 has yet to be implemented on main)
– Shader Cache: https://www.mediafire.com/file/tw7e4enlpeaz8j2/shader.rar/file


Ryujinx Cheat Engine

Ryujinx Cheat Engine

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Shader Cache

1. Download and extract the Shader Cache to a directory of your choosing
Ryujinx Cheat Engine
2. Open Ryujinx and right click MHGU, go to “Cache Management” > “Open Shader Cache Directory”
3. Copy the two folders (guest and opengl) from the Shader Cache download into the directory that opened up (AppDataRoamingRyujinxgames100770008dd8000cacheshader) overwriting all files
4. Launch MHGU and let Ryujinx compile shaders (may take a few minutes)


3ds Save File Convert

Ryujinx Cheat Engine
If you have a 3ds save file for MHX/XX and want to continue the progress that you made, you can convert your save file into a MHGU save file with these next steps. Part 2 is only for 3ds save file conversion, if you have already made your character please proceed to part 3.

*Please note that if your 3ds save file has Jap exclusive DLC quests, it needs to be removed first or else possible errors will happen. In order to remove these DLC please follow the steps below. Citra is required for this next part.
1a. Download and extract the MHGU Save File Editor and the Empty 3DS Save to a location of your choice
2a. Start MHXX in Citra and load your character
3a. Open the save file directory for MHXX (right click the game in Citra window, click on “Open Extra Data Location”, and it should be located inside the user subfolder)
4a. Replace the save file in here with the Empty 3DS Save, if asked to replaced the current files, click yes (MHXX should still be running)
5a. Go back to MHXX and save your game
6a. Restart your game and these DLC should be gone

Ryujinx Cheat Engine
And now we can start the actual conversion process.
1b. Download and extract both the MHGU Blank Save File and MHGU Save File Editor to a location of your choice if you haven’t already
2b. Launch MHGUSaveEditor.exe, click on “File” > “Load” and navigate to your 3ds save file, should be a file named “system”, press OK to confirm
3b. Click on “Convert” > “To Switch” and press Ok when the window pops up
4b. Navigate to the Blank Switch Save and open it, press Ok to confirm the conversion and close out of the small Loading window if it does not go away
5b. Click on “File” > “Save As” and save it to wherever you’d like
6b. Open Ryujinx and right click MHGU, click on “Open User Save Directory”
7b. Place your new system save file here

You should now be able to load the character we converted.

Ryujinx Cheat Engine

DLC Quests

1. Download and unzip the MHGU Blank Save File to a directory of your choosing
2. Run Ryujinx, right click on MHGU and select “Open User Save Directory”, this should open up the folder where your save file named “system” is located
3. Load up MHGU and get in-game with your character
4. While Ryujinx is still running and your character is in game, move the MHGU Blank Save File (named system) into the MHGU save directory opened from Ryujinx, you should be overwriting the existing save with the blank one
5. Save in game by sleeping on the bed

You should now have access to the DLC quests.
Ryujinx Cheat Engine


You are now all setup to play MHGU online using Ryujinx. Just search for hubs (local play) and you’ll be able to see any and all rooms from other people also using Ryujinx.

Please note that you may get some frequent framedrops/freezes due to the shader cache being built. As your cache gets built these freezes should decline.

If Cheat Engine crashes or your game becomes unresponsive after ticking “<- ENABLE AFTER LOADING GAME”, try using different versions of Cheat Engine.
Ryujinx Cheat Engine – 2022

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