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Whether you’re new to the game or an old hand, State of Decay 2 has plenty to offer. Its combination of exploration and base building has made it one of the most popular zombie survival games out there. However, the game can get pretty scary at times. You’ll need to use the right strategy to build a strong base of survivors. It’s also important to plan your supply runs and missions carefully.

You’ll also need to keep your ammo handy. There’s no reloading cheat in State of Decay 2, so you’ll need to keep your weapons at full capacity. Fortunately, there are several cheats to help you.

The instant max level cheat is a good one to use, especially if you’re into exploring all of your character options. This cheat will help you complete your skill development process as quickly as possible. However, it’s important to note that it’s likely not going to save you much time or energy.


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Using the teleport to waypoint cheat is also a good way to go. This cheat allows you to quickly teleport to a designated waypoint on the map. This allows you to use your time and resources more effectively.

The unlimited Survivor Health cheat is a great way to make your experience in State of Decay 2 more rewarding. The cheat allows you to become invulnerable to zombies, which is a great feature for a game where killing zombies is your main goal.

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