Word Chums Cheat List – Cheat for Word Chums 2022

These tips will help you get a high score and win Word Chums. Using the word chums cheat will help you get more coins and experience points. You can also buy additional gear, cosmetics, and accessories for your Chum. These coins are used to boost your Chum’s character and level up.

Word Chums is an addictive game. Players are challenged to find all of the words that fit on the intersecting grid. They can play against friends, couples, or against an opponent. Word Chums has a hint system to help players build words from letters.


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Players can win the game by creating words that will be worth the most points. Word Chums also has a bomb system. When the bomb is blown, all letters in the player’s collection are removed. Using a bomb wisely is an important strategy to use in Word Chums.

Another way to get coins is to watch ads. If you see an ad video, you will earn a certain amount of coins. These coins can then be used to buy items in the Chum Market. You can also buy extra hints and bombs.

Another way to boost your score is to add prefixes to words. The more prefixes, the higher the score. It is also important to play words with short lengths. Short words have an advantage over long ones.

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Word Chums Cheat List