Wow Pet Battle Cheat Sheet – printable wow battle pet list 2023

Wow Pet Battle Cheat Sheet 2023
Idiots Guide To BFA Pet Battle World Quests.

Get Addons:
Battle Pet BreedID
PetBattle Teams

Go to Orgrimmar / Alliance Equivalent
Go to Auction House
Buy all the cheap level 1 Pets you can use for Pet Battles, focusing on a variety of types, but honestly the greater the pool of level 1s, the better

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Wow Pet Battle Cheat Sheet2023

Wow Pet Battle

Wow Pet Battle Cheat Sheet 2023
Collect them and right click in your bag to add to your Pet Journal (Shift+P and then pet tab)

Ask guard about Pet Battle Trainer
Check Map and go to him (now flagged)
Pickup skill to become Pet Battle Trainer
Complete his quests to learn the basics

The quest chain will lead you to fight trainers of increasing difficulty.
Like Pokemon, if you are fighting a new critter you haven’t caught before, aim to capture it.
You ideally want to capture a large variety of level 1 Pets with different types to complement your AH purchases.

Wow Pet Battle Cheat